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Cayyesh is a free cash back rewards mobile application, that gives you real cash for purchases made at our partner merchants.

Download the Cayyesh app, complete registration, and simply start claiming your cash back rewards by linking your payment card and paying use the linked payment card at any of our partner merchants.

You can earn cash back rewards (in the form of Cayyesh Coins) whenever you make a purchase at any of our partner merchants using your linked payment card. Once the minimum payout limit is reached, Cayyesh Coins could be redeemed as real cash , donations or evouchers.

An incentive program where a percentage of the amount spent by users is paid back to them cash. Cash back rewards are actual cash.

We have a growing list of partner merchants you can simply claim cash back from. The list of merchants is available to browse on Cayyesh mobile app and on our website.

Also look out for Cayyesh’s in-store identifiers.

Pay at any of our partner merchants using the payment card you linked on the Cayyesh app. Save Cayyesh Coins and once the minimum payout limit is reached you can redeem your Cayyesh Coins as real cash, donations or e-vouchers.

You can start earning cash whenever you shop, dine and spend at Cayyesh’s partner merchants. It’s as simple as that!

You can start claiming cashback from any of our partner merchants. Once the cashout limit is reached you can cash out and redeem your cashback reward via the available redemption (cashout) methods.

Using the available redemption (cashout) methods on the Cayyesh mobile app. This will become available once the cash out limit is reached.

Cayyesh coins, if not redeemed, will expire 1 year from the day they were awarded to your account. Please refer to Cayyesh’s Terms of Service for more information.

2-8 business days of when we receive and approve your redemption request.

There’s no limit.

Nope! As long as your purchases are valid there’s no limit!

But when it comes to single transactions, some merchants may apply a cap the cashback given back per single transaction. Please make sure to check the “fine print” on each offer.

Yes, please refer to your in-app wallet for more details.

Merchant by merchant basis. Please make sure to check the “fine print” on each offer, in case there is a specific merchant related restriction.

Yes, absolutely! Cashback will be given on your final bill/receipt amount.

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Cayyesh is the first of its kind reward program in the region, enabling merchants to market to consumers using cash back offers.

Attract new customers and increase your turnover at low-cost utiliszing Cayyesh’s new and innovative approach to advertising.

Reward customers with cash (at the point of sale) whenever they spend at your business, drive in-store traffic, re-engage lapsed customers, reach new customers, lift average in-store spend, increase the frequency of shopping/buying, strengthen brand loyalty, solidify existing customer base and create a valuable relationship with customers.

Rewards customers with real cash against purchases, on the spot!

Our on-boarding process is very simple, once you receive an invitation link to our Merchant Portal you can get started without any set-up or integration requirements.

To be part of the POSRocket or MEPS network, that is it! No integration requirements, no set up costs, no set up requirements. Joining Cayyesh is as simple as it could get

Is available to all Merchants who sign up with Cayyesh, anything and everything you need to manage your business, track campaigns, view customer statistics and overall analytics and so much more is all found within the Merchant Portal.

There is no upfront, set up or re-occurring monthly/annual costs. Please contact us for more details.

Cayyesh will allow you to spend less while being more efficient with your marketing budget. All of your marketing JODs are spent on a 100% successful conversion rates, unlike most traditional advertising. Creating a great customer experience that drives customers back over and over again.

You do!

We can get you up and running in less than an hour.

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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